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Submit On-Campus and Off-Campus Non-Work-Study Job Listing

If you are looking for part-time work from our students, posting your job here is a great way to get their attention. Once approved, your job will be posted for the number of days you specify. Students who are interested in your offering will contact you directly.

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Part 3. Please provide additional information about the job you are offering.

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Comments when Requesting Job
Enter any questions or comments about your requests here. These will not be made public. The Student Employment Administrator will reply to any questions via email.

Part 4. Disclaimer.
Non-FWS Jobs provides employment opportunities which are not associated with the Federal or Institutional Work Study programs offered by Bronx. Use of this system is solely at the risk of the users and Bronx expressly disclaims any and all liabilities. Please note that Bronx reserves the right to edit or cancel any job postings which it deems unsuitable for Bronx students.

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